Class Overview

We believe that the people skills are the most important skills needed to enable us to succeed in life. Everywhere your child will go in life starting here in Little Gems Pre-School then going off to BIG school, entering workforce etc he/she will have to know how to deal and interact with people.

Here at Little Gems we use Dani Johnson the next-generation communication program GEMS to teach your child from the very young age how to communicate effectively with peers and you at home, how to solve problems, how to understand different personality types and how to be confident in their own skin.

The Details

Here at Little Gems pre-school Dani Johnson’s proprietary GEMS personality system underpins the firm foundations for our unique approach because we strongly believe that effective communication can do wonders for you.

So what personality Gem is your child? Find out here by downloading our carefully put together Gems personality test

If you are interested in finding out your own Gem please speak to our Manager to direct you to the right place or download here