Welcome to Little Gems Pre-School in Aldershot

Why Little Gems

A very warm welcome to our state of the art Little Gems Pre-School that is open from 8.30am to 3.30pm term time only for children aged 2 to 5 years.
Little Gems Pre-school is a family business and we firmly believe that what we do every day really matters.

We see every child as a precious gem that has been created very uniquely with a great purpose. We believe that the early experiences children have – while they are in our care – will shape ‘who’ they are and who they will be in the future. We guide and support their development in every way and hoping to play a massive role in supporting parents and families too. Now that’s some responsibility but it’s also a huge privilege!

What The Parents Say


Through these early years, your child will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS), which provides a flexible and stimulating development programme tailored to your child’s unique individual needs.

Little Gems Pre-school

Inspired by our Christian foundation, we welcome with open arms children and families from all faiths and none, into our vibrant inclusive community, where both Pre-school teachers and parents are encouraged to work together.

At Little Gems we are all passionate about each child individuality and design. Each child learns, communicate, play, expresses feelings and is motivated by different things.

At Little Gems we take every step to get to know your child, communicate in their language and teach them all about different personalities. We believe that people skills are the most important skills for future success. In our care your child will learn how to relate to others, how to communicate effectively, how to cherish and show empathy towards other children.

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Our Mission

We provide a unique and personal approach to each child.

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Our Philosophy

People skills are the most important skills needed to succeed in life.

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We have daily sessions for 2* to 5 years old and operate in term time only.

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After School Club

We also offer breakfast and after school club at additional cost.

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30 Hours Funding

Did you know the government offers up to 30 hours funded childcare a week?

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